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leadedWhether you live in a modern home or a well established property, nothing exudes tasteful elegance more than the refined grandeur of leaded windows and doors. Whichever option you select, our highly skilled designers will ensure that the design you choose flows from window to window with unbroken continuity.



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Georgian Bars

Georgian bar style windows are stylish, elegant and a firm favourite with both homeowners and planners alike.

Georgian bars are a modern method of designing IGU’s by dividing the unit into smaller panes by the insertion, of a white or coloured bar in between the cavity of the unit.

Back to Back spacers, are used to achieve a more traditional effect, by having two spacer bars back to back inside the cavity.

Northern Express Glass uses the latest software on the market, to design the layouts for all Georgian Bar jobs to ensure that they all line through perfectly to each other.


Georgian Bars