The following links are all components, that may be used in the manufacturing of an IGU.

Pilkingtons KS information : KS

Pilkington S1+ information : Optitherm S1+

Guardian Climaguard A+ information: Climaguard A+

SGG Planitherm Total information : Planitherm Total +

SGG Planitherm 4S :Planitherm 4S

SGG Planitherm One: Planitherm One

Low Iron : Optiwhite or Diamant

Pilkington Activ : Activ Range

SGG Bioclean : Bioclean

Laminated : Laminated

Acoustic Laminated : Acoustic Laminated

Window Energy Ratings

Summary of WER's

Window Energy Ratings

What is a Window Energy Rating?

Window Energy Ratings were launched in early 2004 by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), an independent organisation dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of fenestration products. In late 2006 the BFRC became part of the Glass and Glazing Federation to ensure that appropriate management systems and organisation were developed to cope with increasing demand for window ratings.



For Further Information on Window Energy Ratings, please click here: Summary of WERs

Laminated Glass Cutting